Download THE LOVE SCANNER APP for Android

Really scans and detects if you are in love!

Scan yourself, couples, or even groups of people
to find out how you rate on the love meter!
You can also scan the area around you to see if love is "in the air"!
Real results based on advanced physics features - this really works!
  • Choose scan type (area or player mode)
  • Place finger on screen and remove
  • Input is detected and processed
  • Results are shown on screen in less than 30 seconds
  • Share results on facebook

  • Talking Cupid
  • Area Scan
  • Up to 4 players at once
Information source and download here

Download Heart Reactions Android Apps Valentine Day

Make your valentine days special with this andorid apps, Heart Reactions is an action game all about crazy chain reactions, bonuses, powerups and combos! It's the ultimate heart game! tap on flying hearts to start the chain reaction and get as many hearts you can! Use Bonuses and beware of broken hearts!
When you tap a heart, it falls in love, and like a chain reaction, makes all hearts near fall in love, and they do the same, make longest Chain reactions, to get the ultimate score! Win and make love!